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SimpleSox System Example

An application is supplying 2,000 CFM of air at the inlet of the SimpleSox System. The layout will need air distributed equally in a straight line approximately 62’ from the face of the air handling unit. The inlet static pressure is 0.375” w.g.

Step 1: Determine the required diameter size for the volume of air that the system will be dispersing.

For this example, the unit is providing 2,000 CFM. Reviewing the optional Starter Kits available, find the CFM range the would include the 2,000 CFM for this example system. The correct selection would be 16” diameter.

Select your fabric color, White or Silver, and the quantity of Starter Kits required, which would only be one for this example. Now add this configuration to your shopping cart.

Step 2:
Determine what additional components are required to achieve the desired final layout and length. The system needs to be around 62’ in length based on the requirements for this example.

The 16” diameter Starter Kit has an assembled length of 21’-3”. Taking our desired finished length 62’ and subtracting the Starter Kit assembled length of 21’-3” that leaves a total of 40’-9”.

Now determine the number of components required to achieve that additional length to be able to provide equally distributed airflow along the entire length of the system.

For this example, it was chosen to select a quantity of 5 of the 16” diameter 8’ long Inactive Sections. That is a total addition of 40’ in length. Adding the Starter Kit length, 21’-3”, and the additional component length, 40’, it equals a total length of 61’-3” as shown in the image below. It was determined that this is close enough to the originally desired finished length.

Select the 16” diameter 8’ long Inactive Section and select the fabric color, White or Silver, and select the quantity of 5 and add to the cart.

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