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How to Choose Components

Follow these steps to select the required standard parts to distribute and disperse air with a SimpleSox System.
(NOTE: Another useful tool to select components is the SimpleSox Design spreadsheet available by clicking the "Design Spreadsheet" link on the left.)

Step 1.  Select the diameter based on the amount of CFM delivered at the inlet using Chart 1.

Step 2.  Calculate the number of Adjustable Air Outlets (AAOs). Using Chart 2, divide the CFM delivered at the inlet by the airflow volume for the Medium Setting of the diameter selected in Step 1. Always start with the Medium Setting and adjust the quantity of AAOs if more or less air is required per AAO.
NOTE: The Low, Medium, and High Settings are based on using four orifices (two per side) of the same size. For example, the Low Setting uses four small orifices, the Medium Setting (Factory Setting) uses four medium orifices, and the High Setting uses four large orifices. All CFM values are based on 0.5” w.g. inlet static pressure. Please consult the DuctSox factory if the pressure is more or less than 0.5” w.g.

Step 3.  Determine total length required, then complete the layout by calculating the lengths of the required components (Inlet, AAOs, and Endcap) and filling in the available space with 1.5’, 5’, 10', or 15’ straight sections. Refer to Chart 3 for component lengths. Get as close to the desired length as possible.
NOTE:  Since all applications are different, placement and adjustment of your AAOs is based on airflow requirements. Do not place two AAOs side-by-side and always use a straight section (1.5’, 5’, 10', or 15’) from the inlet and elbow. Less AAOs may be required for Porous Fabrics. See "Design Spreadsheet" for more information.

Step 4.  Use Chart 3 to itemize the components required for your layout. If your system requires more than 100’ of cable, you will need to order two or more cable assembly kits.
Step 5.  Plan your work and work your plan. Now that you have ordered your SimpleSox System, start planning for the installation.

Planning Tips

  • Double check your measurements.
  • Do a site visit.
  • No special tools are required, but you will want to determine if a lift is necessary.
Included with your SimpleSox System will be a comprehensive installation guide. Read this thoroughly prior to installing your System. The installation guide is also available by clicking on "Installation" on the left.
The estimated times for installing a SimpleSox System are:    

 Throw Distances