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AAO Feature

Adjustable Air Outlets (AAOs) are truly what make a SimpleSox System unique! The AAO feature provides the option to:  

Change the Direction of Airflow

The 2’ main section of the AAO has four large orifices and has dual start zippers on each end. This enables the AAO to be rotated 180 degrees, changing the direction of airflow to either down (4 & 8 o’clock) or up (10 & 2 o’clock).

Change the Volume of Airflow

Each AAO has two independent adjustment sleeves that slide and rotate over the 2’ main section. The adjustment sleeves have both small and medium orifices and are held in place with hook and loop fasteners. Simply rotate the sleeves to select small and/or medium orifices, or remove them for large orifices. Changing the number of orifices activated (0, 1, 2, 3, or 4) and/or the size of each orifice (small, medium, or large) changes the volume of air discharged from the AAO. Airflow volumes can range from 0 CFM per AAO (fully blocked) to 920 CFM per AAO (using four large orifices, 0.5” w.g. inlet static pressure, and a 28” diameter SimpleSox System).
Click the link below for a video demonstrating how the AAO is adjusted.